Blind Sight

"Blind Sight" by Margery Amdur at the Instanbul Biennial

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For decades, Margery Amdur has been actively creating site-specific, temporary, and permanent art installations. Her presence as an invited artist at the Uluslararasi International İSTANBUL Bienali places the work of this seasoned Philadelphia artist at the center of contemporary art concerns, dialogues, and confrontations. Amdur brings together a prodigious artwork installation, "Blind Sight" in different media to explore the notion of "translation" in contemporary art today. Similarly, departing from elements of the Braille Code, Amdur's installation, makes decoding, versus reading, the shared task of blind and sighted people. Her abstract landscapes become a mapping of the unknown. "Blind Sight" looks specifically at the unexpected and surprising consequences that can result from these kinds of translations.

Overall, the Istanbul Biennial is a global platform for artistic interaction through a vast, comprehensive selection of contemporary art. The exhibition features video, installation, painting, sculpture, performance, photography, works on paper, and variable media. Amdur's installation is a vital presence on the artist’s capacity to address today's most urgent issues through an abstract poetic narrative.

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Uniquely, Amdur relies on research into unusual materials, through a constant arrangement and rearrangement of objects and materials. By and large, her mastery in the use and integration of materials, erase any barriers between art and craft. In "Blind Sight" any logic is embraced by deep perceptual emotions. There is no beginning or end in Margery's touching visual narrative, leaving the viewer with more questions than answers.


Jorge Luis Gutierrez